Swedenball is a countryball in northern euröpe. He kin intae european uniön, bit nae natö liked. His brother norwayball is an' a' in northern europe bit tis th' ither wey aroond in membership. He likes putting kebäb in his pizzäs. He haes his ain type o' meatballs 'n' sells thaim at his international ready-to-assemble furniture shoaps, ikea. 

 Swedenball is yin o' th' nordic cuntry, anaw his-sel, denmark, finland, 'n' iceland. Thae cuntry ur notable fur usin` th' nordic cross, a symbol oan thair flag based oan th' flag o' denmarkball.

For a lang time, sweden wis an empire, lik' denmark. He expanded intae finland, whaur he spread his leid 'n' culchur. 9% o' finns speak swedish, 'n' fur o' this, it's an official language.

Sweden is a homosexual, 'n' he's gey politically far left. Some claim he is ruled by muslim wummin, 'n' ithers deny this. Sweden likes tae act this wey, though.

Sweden is constantly haunted by russian submarines, 'n' is even considering joining nato.

Sweden looks doon upon a' body wha isnae a homosexual nord, 'n' states that they're mince cavemen. Wha kens? mibbie they're, mibbie thay aren't.

Bork bork  


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