Scotlandball is a baw located north o' englandball, he alang wi' englandball, walesball 'n' northern irelandball become  

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ukball. He is th' land o' bagpipes, haggis, ships 'n' braveheart. As o' september 2014, he cannae intae independence though he kin intae bein' guid uncle. 

He haes bin apairt o' ukball sin 1707, 'n' haes bin juist as culturally important as ony ither region.

Scotlandball steals loads o' pride in his oor country identity, 'n' likes tae be distinguished fae th' ither regions o' ukball. This is how come his redsidents ca' themselves scots 'n' nae british, unlike in englandball 'n' walesball.

His closest relationships ur wi' his nephew, nova scotiaball, 'n' wi' his twa claise brothers, irelandball 'n' norwayball.

One hauf o' him, th' lowlands, considers itself claise tae norwayball, 'n' th' ither, th' hielands, considers itself claise tae scotlandball.   

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